REAL men
Do you know who Prester John is? This was new to me as well; I’m reading Patrick Wyman’s The Verge: Reformation, Renaissance, and Forty Years that Shook…
or: this is a direct threat on the life of Derek Jeter
If you lived in New York in 2018, or were very much online during that period, you probably remember this: Ah, but only real Ozyheads such as myself…
This year especially, and for good reason, you saw a fair share of scold posts insisting that the 4th of July is an expression of evil and that you need…
Someone was wrong on the internet
It's that sweet bird content you sick fucks crave
The future is now and it sucks!
Birds I’ve seen during this thing: Pileated woodpecker Yellow-bellied sapsucker Red-headed woodpecker Downy woodpecker Eastern bluebird Goldfinch Indigo…
On the American Male Teen
The summer before my freshman year in high school mom enrolled me in a week-long workshop on organizational skills. This was the latest in a series of…
They're calling it "hermiting" and teens are doing it to get high